Wealth isn’t money. It isn’t even assets. It’s growth. You already know this.

But did you know that the Simonis Storm (SS) Wealth Management process can help you navigate the maze of available financial services, in the context of your existing investment portfolio and your future needs? We work to support your short-term liquidity needs and lifestyle requirements, while also considering your business and entrepreneurial goals. Because it’s important to examine your wealth and your situation holistically.

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Portfolio Management

The SS Portfolio Management style is dominated by investment in blue-chip shares, which have steady rates of return. They also tend not to be volatile, which mitigates risk. Now, the journey isn't always smooth, especially when there's an economic downturn, but these companies turn a profit over time, which is why we emphasise long-term investing.

Simonis Storm clients have access to an online trading system, via agreements with leading regional and international stockbrokers, which offers you the option to manage your own portfolio and buy/sell shares listed on the NSX, the JSE and global stock exchanges.

Estate Planning

Inter-generational wealth is only possible with a well-structured estate plan in place. But, regardless of your financial position, estate planning also helps you to preserve wealth during your lifetime. Granted, the process raises questions – and, sometimes, issues that are both difficult and emotional to face and address – but, once it is underway, estate planning brings with it the most wonderful sense of emotional and financial security.

Retirement Planning

“No-one can afford to retire anymore.” Not true. A comfortable and easy retirement evades only those who fail to plan. Your retirement dreams – whatever they might be - can be realised in the future, provided that you understand now what’s required to fulfil them.

At Simonis Storm we help set the course and regularly review your progress along the way.

Long-Term Insurance

Life insurance, in all its varied forms, is simply a set of methods for handling financial risk in the event of death. So, instead of trying to accumulate a sizeable emergency fund during your lifetime, you can leverage the benefits of life insurance to create a fund for your family

Many of our clients use life insurance proceeds to help pay off a mortgage bond or fund a child’s education, and it remains an important feature of many business arrangements.

Short-Term Insurance

Your home. Your valuables. Your vehicles. Even your IT system and its contents. Short-term insurance cover demonstrates what’s important to you and protects your assets against loss, theft or breakage.

Investment Planning

There’s no one way to do this. No secret trick. No magic bullet. The most appropriate strategies for your investment planning depend on your personal investment profile.

What is your investment timeframe? How comfortable are you with risk? What has your investment experience been so far and how much would you like to invest? Finally, what are your specific objectives? These are just some of the questions our team will ask you.