On behalf of institutional and private clients, SS executes securities on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX), the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), and global stock exchanges, through our agency agreements with top regional and international stockbrokers. We are a market leader in equity and fixed income trading, with access to a large network of equity and fixed income markets and partners.

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Your wealth, and how much it grows over time, is an important matter. After all, your future and your family’s legacy depend on the outcome of that growth.

At SS, requiring that an opinion be backed by research gives us something objective to look to, when we want to confirm the legitimacy of the opinion. This is why we have a dedicated research team that, day in and day out, performs economic and company research and provides market participants with up-to-date information and analysis.


Currently being used as equity benchmarks by a number of Namibian pension funds, our end-of-day indices are calculated based on several key characteristics. The history of these indices is readily available on I-Net Bridge.