Appointed as advisor, issuer and listing officer for RFA stock to the value of N$520 million.
Advised and structured the FNB Namibia BEE transaction.
Restructuring of Agribank balance sheet.
Issuing, placement and listing of RFA16 loan stock to the value of N$330 million.
Repurchasing of RFA10 loan stock to the value of N$300 million.
Macro-economic advisor for Nampower on Kudu-gas project.
Interest rate swap for Nampower to the value of N$102 million.
Asset and Liability Management Consultant for Bank Windhoek, National Housing Enterprise and Agribank.
Listing of Bank Windhoek Bonds on the NSX.
Issued bonds and raised capital for National Housing Enterprise.
Joint advisor with Investec on NamPower raising of capital (power line to Scorpion Mine).
Book building and placement: Sanlam listing in SA and Namibia.
Issued bills and raised capital for Agricultural Bank of Namibia.
Issued bills and raised capital for Telecom Namibia.
Raised debentures for EduLoan Pty Ltd.
Raised debentures for FP Du Toit Transport Pty Ltd.
Consolidation of all government bonds in issue in 1997.
Raised capital and responsible for primary listing of Oryx Limited, Namibia Breweries and NamHarvest on the NSX.

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